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1. Planning & Strategising For Growth

Planning your unique Amazon roadmap

Working with your team, we meticulously craft a personalised Amazon strategy that aligns with your wider company and brand objectives.

We'll assess the challenges presented by your Amazon market and evaluate what resources are required to make the impact you're looking for.

  • Market demand & consumer trends
  • Competitor strengths & weaknesses
  • Brand differentiation & positioning
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Brand optimisation & presentation
  • Cost & profitability analysis
  • Local & global expansion possibilities

Why Partner with NEXA Global?

7 Key Questions to Consider

Success on Amazon is not determined by any single factor.

Detailed brand and market analysis in the beginning helps to understand your competition as well as your potential of your products on Amazon's worldwide marketplaces.

What is the likelihood your products can become Amazon bestsellers?

No longer is it possible to simply upload your products to Amazon expecting an avalanche of instant sales.

At the outset, all products must be proven for their consistent consumer demand on Amazon's global marketplaces.

Additionally, detailed cost/benefit analyses are required that take account of pricing and margin strategies, production and logistics costs as well as Amazon's fees for selling and fulfilment.

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Do your products have local or global appeal, or both?

Never has it been easier to acquire customers from all over the world. But too many sellers limit their potential by focusing only on their home markets, in turn missing huge opportunities.

Are you already selling globally, or is your brand likely to be attractive beyond your traditional markets?

If global expansion and growth figure amongst your key objectives, adapting your brand to foreign marketplaces might be easier and less competitive than you think.

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Are your competitors so well-established that your budget is better spent elsewhere?

Big brands in popular categories dominate Amazon's international listings. Is your brand strong enough to compete? What strategies are required to make an impact?

What is it about your brand and products that might convince a customer to buy from you, instead of the market leader?

NEXA's expert team of brand consultants can help you better understand what it will take to beat the competition.

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What is your unique selling proposition and how easy it is to communicate it?

Good branding requires a clear understanding of your products' benefits, as well as what is required to get the attention of your target market.

But is your proposition really unique and do you offer something fundamentally different - a better alternative at a competitive price?

With a clearly defined USP, it's easier to present your product to charm potential buyers. NEXA's marketing experts can show you how.

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What strategies are required to position your brand correctly?

In each vertical, competition by definition is dynamic.

Not all customers are looking for the exact same product, which gives skilled marketers the opportunity to position their brands to take full advantage.

Taking your unique sales propositions (USP), how does your brand need to be optimised and presented to attract your target Amazon buyers?

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Do you have the resources to make the impact you desire?

In strong, brand-dominated markets with well-established competitors, making an impact on Amazon's marketplaces can be challenging.

All Amazon promotional strategies must be adequately resourced and, ideally, include off-Amazon channels for acquiring new customers.

The importance of funnelling potential buyers from existing social media sites, retail or wholesale networks, or any other existing channels cannot be underestimated.

Brands devoted to connecting with their customers personally are more likely to yield significant long-term growth on Amazon.

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Success isn't always about the immediate bottom line. What are your parameters?

New, emerging brands in established markets know the value of a clear plan and strategy with key milestones determined from the outset.

Therefore, as well as focusing on growth and profitability, what other indicators will determine your relative success going forward? And over what timescale?

No matter what your brand objectives are, at NEXA we can help you define a strategy that's right for you.

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