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3. Increased Growth & Profitability

Creating growth, driving revenue & maximizing profitability

Our strategies are designed to boost your global Amazon sales, increase profitability, and foster long-term growth and customer engagement.

From revenue optimization to cost-efficient advertising, we're dedicated to delivering results that elevate your business.

  • New Product Planning
  • International Market Expansion
  • Continued PPC Optimisation
  • Margin Enhancement Strategies
  • Data-Driven Pricing Strategies
  • B2B Opportunities
  • Customer Retention Strategy
  • Precise Inventory Management
  • Off-Amazon Sales Channels

Why Partner with NEXA Global?

7 Key Questions to Consider

Amazon is the largest 'buyers' platform in the world. If your business depends upon the sale of consumer products, customers are now expecting established brands to have a presence in the same way they expect them to have a website.

Revenue growth and profitability depends upon precise planning, strategy and a clear understanding of each market and its partipants.

At NEXA Global, we're ideally placed to assist you achieve the results on Amazon you desire.

Are you leaving money on the Amazon table?

There are always new ways to maximise your returns from Amazon. With knowledge and experience, it's now likely that success can be replicated in different countries and markets.

Did you know that more people shop on (Germany) than*?

Do you believe your brand would resonate in Germany or Europe generally? There's only one way to find out.

Your products and brand reputation can be easily leveraged to new markets in a very short time.

Talk to NEXA Global today to discover how.


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Analyse winning products and consider how to sell even more

So you've found a winning product that makes Amazon's bestsellers' lists. Most sellers bask in the glory, but fail to understand their customers are sending a valuable message.

"We love your product!"

Clever marketers understand this and immediately start looking for new ways to differentiate further.

Can you offer new pack sizes or bulk deals? Can you provide new colors or popular variations? Does your product naturally combine with others? Can you offer both together?

When creative minds get together, you'll start to see potential in your products you could never have imagined.

On Amazon, it's easy to test new variations and see how your market responds.

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Are you hitting your target market with the right message?

When your direct competitors consistently outsell you, especially when you share similar price points, that's the time for deeper analysis.

It's time to examine your brand presence, product listings and how your listings have been optimised.

Are you utilising all the brand resources that Amazon gives you? Do you have an attractive storefront? Do your target keywords match your products? Are your prices competitive? What is your review average?

These are some of things our expert analysts are trained to look at. Talk to NEXA today to see how we can help you.

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With impressive ROI & ACOS numbers, now's the time to increase your budget

Once you've hit your target ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), you can confidently start increasing your PPC budget so you message is received as widely as possible.

It's also a good time to re-evaluate your keyword bidding strategy in order to identify keywords or phrases you may have missed or, historically, performed badly.

Increasing your ads budget when you already have great data is the easiest way to increase your revenue.

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Why it's crucial to read reviews and solicit customer feedback

An active review and reputation management strategy is key to your Amazon success.

In the absence of being able to talk to your Amazon customers, reviews are the only way to elicit genuine feedback.

The information gleaned is invaluable and can tell you when you have supply chain and quality issues, packaging problems, or a product that isn't fit for purpose.

Look out for opportunities as well, as some customers will often describe things they would have liked that your product couldn't help with.

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Setting review targets should be a critical part of your Amazon strategy

In markets where established competitors have 1000s of reviews, it's vital to make review and rating acquisition part of your brand strategy.

Poor ratings and low review numbers reduce buyer confidence which, in turn, will impact your sales.

That's why we recommend maximising Amazon's in-built seller tools as well as creating so-called 'review funnels' where customers naturally leave good ratings.

Contact our review experts at NEXA Global today for more information.

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Not many realise, but Amazon is increasingly popular for B2B transactions

B2B Central provides a focal point for you to understand, manage, and grow your business-to-business (B2B) channel on Amazon.

By completing your B2B profile, you can offer quantity discounts to new business customers.

Build these relationships properly and you could end up wholesaling larger quantities on a regular basis, direct from your Amazon Seller Central account. It's that easy.

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