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2. Enhanced Reach & Visibility

Unleashing your brand's global potential

Our strategies ensure your brand shines on Amazon in all your targeted marketplaces.

From optimized product listings to targeted ad campaigns and social media engagement, we elevate visibility and foster lasting customer connections.

  • Keyword-rich product listings
  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Enhanced brand content
  • Competitor analysis for competitive edge
  • Proactive reputation management

Why Partner with NEXA Global?

7 Key Questions to Consider

Simply existing on Amazon and relying your brand's general strength and position is not enough in today's digital marketplaces.

Proactive competitors, often from much smaller companies or enterprises, are busy stealing your market share.

That's why it's vital to analyse your Amazon presence and take positive steps to increase your brand's visibility, seek new markets and engage new customers in the process.

Are you seeing the right results from your Amazon commitment?

As Amazon's global sales increase year-on-year, proactive new or established brands should be expecting similar results. Build the right relationship between your brand and customers, and growth is an inevitable consequence.

Busy competitors, however, often from smaller, more dynamic companies, are working hard and taking your market share. Often they're doing things better.

But, if you've not achieved the ROI you originally expected, or believe you should be doing better, then let NEXA's team of experts help you.

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If you're not growing, it's fair to assume you're losing out!

Many of our clients assume steady, regular sales is a sign they're maintaining their market position.

However, as the number of Amazon's 3rd party sellers continues to grow, competition across all categories inevitably increases.

That's why consistent, steady sales are really only a sign that you're standing still and most certainly losing market share.

Fortunately, at NEXA Global we have the expertise to not only address this problem, but also kickstart new growth and breathe new life into your brand.

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Are your competitors always the bestsellers?

Contrary to some alternative beliefs, competition is a good thing. In fact, a very good thing. It confirms there's a market for your products and a bunch of potential customers willing to buy.

But what if you can't seem to compete very well? What if you see your competitors consistently outselling you day-in day-out? And you can't seem to do much about it?

Our expertise lies in helping established brands get back to where they belong. By analysing the strategies of your competition in detail, we can put together a plan that put your brand back on the Amazon map.

Talk to us today!

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How well do your product listings 'talk' to your target market?

If your competitors seem to be winning the day, then it's time for a rain-check and some self-reflection.

If you're already selling on Amazon, investing in PPC advertising and you're still not making conversions, then it's time to look at your brand's presentation.

This is where working with NEXA can make a real difference. We've over 10 years experience in optimising Amazon product listings and positioning products to make them relevant, engaging and benefit driven.

Contact us today and we'll be pleased to show you some examples.

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Are your PPC costs killing your margins?

Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is by far the most difficult and complex area for Amazon sellers. Even seasoned marketers struggle to understand how to properly structure campaigns or even target the correct keywords and phrases.

Success with PPC requires a precise understanding of your target market as well as the buyer intention and expectation behind keyword searches.

Only then is it realistic to expect good returns from your advertising budget. At NEXA, we have experience running Amazon PPC campaigns well over 7 figures with good ROI and ACOS.

Talk to us today!

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Are your products could candidates for Amazon's international marketplaces?

There not a worse feeling that knowing you're leaving money on the table. Despite Amazon's proactive efforts to get more sellers to offer their products abroad, very few actually do so.

Many are put off by language issues, new import/export issues, complex tax requirements or even concerns about fulfilling orders. As always, information is key and easy solutions exist so you can easily sell to a new customer in Europe as you can in your home market.

You may not realise that Amazon even amalgamates your reviews by ASIN on a global basis. That means that when you start selling in Europe or Australia, customers will instantly be able to see your existing reviews and ratings.

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Managing reviews & ratings is an important as managing your inventory.

How many times have you searched for a product online and been put off by poor reviews? There's no better way to destroy your PPC advertising ROI than bad review averages. It's literally tantamount to throwing money down the drain.

Negative reviews are an inevitable part of selling on Amazon. You simply can't pleased everyone all of the time. However, a good product that serves its purpose will naturally attract great ratings. The key, therefore, is how to attract more positive reviews. And to do it in a way that conforms to Amazon's strict terms and conditions.

At NEXA, we're experts in review strategy and reputation management. Call us today for a free consultation.

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